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How to Connect your PS4 to a Gaming Chair

So you finally got yourself that nice new rocker (visit their official website for support question) that has wireless capabilities. It is undeniably one of the highlights of your gaming life and you are excited to get things started. If you still haven’t got yourself one yet, you can get more info at If you do own one, you must have everything set up. Then it comes to the ultimate question: “How do I connect the chair to my PS4?”

Connecting your chair to the console may sound like an easy task but without the proper know-how, you could be stuck for hours. For those looking for a complete boot camp on linking your PS4 to your gaming chair, here it is.

First Things First

You need to know exactly what kind of gaming chair you have. There are many models that are out there in the market with slightly different features, Some are wireless while others still need cords to connect to the PS4. One tip for new buyers is to get the wireless gaming chairs instead of the corded ones. Wireless gaming chairs can still be connected with cords to the PS4. Getting a wireless unit thus gives you more options.

You should, however, note that the Bluetooth units are not wireless per se. There is still the power cord that is directly connected to the chair when in use.

In additions to knowing the type of gaming chair you have, it goes without saying that you need to read the manuals and any relevant information. For most people, reading the manual spoils the fun and is often skipped. For any new device, in this case, a new gaming chair, you should always read the guidelines given by the manufacturer. You could end up spending hours trying to connect the chair to your PS4 simply because you missed one small step. However, if you prefer learning from watching video, here’s a step by step video at YouTube.

The Actual Connection

Once all is done and you are a bit familiar with the process, you can now link these two devices. The first step is to ensure that your PS4 is linked to your TV. If you already own a PS4, do not sweat it. The connection has already been done. The reason for this is that the only way to actually play games on your PS4 is by connecting it to your TV. Therefore, if you have been using your PS4 before getting the gaming chair, it is already connected.

If you just bought the gaming chair together with your PS4, you simply need to use an HDMI cable to link the TV to the PS4. Most gaming chairs connect to the TV via RCA connections. For those whose TV´s lack this type of connection, you can use the HDMI ports. The only caveat to using HDMI is that you will have to to get an HDMI converter thus increasing the total number of connections.

Once the PS4 is connected to the TV, you simply need to plug in the RCA cables from the gaming chair to the TV. Depending on your TV, this can either be using the converter that is connected to the HDMI cable or directly to the TV if there is an RCA port. Once this is done, try playing audio from the TV to the chair to see if the connection is complete.

As soon as the sound test is complete and you are satisfied, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite games with the surround sound system filling the air. Using the step by step procedure, you will be good to go in a few minutes.

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